The Atocha Shipwreck (via The Scuba Lady’s Blog)

By the time the Atocha sank in June of 1622, the French and Dutch rival of Spain were raiding and plundering the Spanish ships carrying New World treasures of gold and silver coins and bullon back to Spain. The Golden Age of Piracy was in full swing. Soon the Engish would join in attacking Spanish ships and its New World ports seeking pirate treasure.

Warrens Coins is  working with The Dunston Mint on historical collection of  coin replicas and The Golden Age of Piracy.  We should have more background on this project shortly.

The Atocha Shipwreck Spanish expansion in the New World was rapid and by the late 1500’s Mexico City, Lima and Potosi had populations that exceeded the largest cities in Spain. It would be another half a century or more before the chief cities of colonial North America; Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, were to be founded. Colonists were granted huge tracts of land to grow tobacco, coffee and other products for export to the mainland.  More important to the throne … Read More

via The Scuba Lady’s Blog


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