Coin Replicas & Reproductions

Mint of Alexander the Great: 19. Double stater...

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This blog examines our history, art, and civilization through the use of physical connections to the past.

Museums, universities, and collectors use inexpensive replicas and reproductions  of  ancient coins and artifacts to show tangible  links to our past.  Items include: legal replicas of  pottery, sculpture, personal items, and historical coins.

Today serious art and numismatic collectors are unable to enjoy their collections.  Inflated art valuations, theft, and high insurance premiums restrict easy access their collections.   Collections of  replicas and reproductions offer an inexpensive alternative.

Movie, television, and  theatrical producers  use historical  replicas and reproductions for their projects.

We cannot ignore the wide-spread abuse of illegal fakes,  counterfeits, and forgeries of  ancient art and numismatic materials. We  support strong  enforcement of  laws against art forgery and fraud. We support collaboration with museums; universities; foundations; art and numismatic groups and governmental agencies.

Legal replicas and reproductions of original art, artifacts, and numismatic items have an a  place in connecting us to our past.

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